Where are they now?

Read about our alumni staff.  Where are they?   What impact did Timber Ridge Camp have on their lives?

Reichert, Heather.jpg

Heather Reichert

Timber Ridge Camp has so much to do with who I am and what I do today.

I started working at TRC in 2006 as a sixteen year-old. I was incredibly awkward and unsure of my direction. Pastor Charlie really knew how to empower me and show me that my ideas were valuable, and I eventually became a member of administrative staff as the sailing director. Over nine summers at TRC, I learned what good leadership looked like and, unbelievably, that I was capable of it. Because of camp, when one of my high school teachers later suggested that I pursue a career as an English teacher, I truly believed it was something I could be good at.

I was pacing up and down the dam at Timber Ridge Lake the summer I got the call offering me my first high school position as the English teacher for Madison Juvenile Correctional Facility. From there, there’s been no turning back! I absolutely love what I do, and it remains my goal to not simply teach my students, but to empower them to realize their potential in the same way that Pastor Charlie empowered me years ago. My mind reels just considering what I might be doing with my life without camp’s profound influence on my path.

Timber Ridge Camp also happens to be where I met (and promptly fell head over heels for) my dashing husband, Conrad. ❤ (It was corn roast day, and he informed me flatly, “I am going to sit with you.” I’ve told this story a million times, but another thing Pastor Charlie has taught me is that good stories bear repeating.)

The property is bursting with nostalgia for me, but more importantly, it’s the place where, even now, I feel closest to God.
— Heather Reichert

Rupert, Noah.jpg

Noah Rupert

I worked at Timber Ridge the summer of 2015, right after I graduated high school. Since then I have gone on to Andrews University where I am now a senior double majoring in Electrical Engineering and Mathematics studies. Timber Ridge played an important role in helping me make the jump from very little independence in high school, to a ton of independence in college. The responsibilities I was given at camp really helped me learn how to deal with other challenges I faced after camp at University and in life.
— Noah Rupert